So you want to buy a home? The question is, where do you start? If you are like most people (over 90%), you go online to see what is being advertised as Homes for Sale. That is the fun part. Looking for a new home initially can be very exciting and also time consuming. The truth of the matter is that the first place you should be starting is the financial side of the purchase. Once you know how much of a mortgage you qualify for and begin the relationship process with a good lender who can walk you thru the steps of getting a mortgage, you are on your way. The lender will ask for some preliminary financial information to check your credit. Your job history and credit history are 2 of the main things used to determine your credit worthiness. If there is any work that is needed to get you where you need to be on credit score or debt to income ratio, the lender can help direct you down the right path to being a home owner. Once you know your numbers and the lender is comfortable with preparing a preapproval letter, you can proceed to looking seriously for a home. A good realtor will want you to get this out of the way first so that you are not disappointed looking at homes that you will not be able to afford to purchase. Realtors have a good working relationship with numerous lenders who they feel can help you get to the closing table with the least amount of stress and have a good track record of happy home owners. Call me if you want to get started with a lender and see how much house you can afford. I can recommend lenders.


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